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taking time out around midlife
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 All set for second half
First-half experience sorted

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Planning and preparing my Sabbatical I wanted to find out these two things:

Would I want, and this out of pure joy, stay with my work straight through until retiring from it?
And just in case I would not want – what would I made a living from?

How to be on my way? – As for the summer of 2021 travelling was stopped being a question. But faced with the same question today – and having a choice – I would do the same again.

I have been following this path for more than two years now.

It’s not the original idea of winter 2020 up to when sailing the oceans was ranking top on the list.
My journey has led me into a timber house at a river. Being on the way I even managed to pimp my budget.
One of the many wonders happening – or better  to say – I have encountered.

… and lots more than two answered questions. On my longest journey so far and time spent much more different than I would over 20 yeras ago too on my backpacking tours. Being in my twenties back then I had the world still before me and midlife very far ahead.
So now I am standing at the start, after first steps, many changes, small and some big ones. Thoughts and line of sight will remain travelling for the second half.
Impatience and uncertainty have got company – trust and confidence. They simply belong to this way and have become something like loyal assitance to me.
Having arrived in a new daily life. Unusual in many ways and a solid fundament under my feet for everything to come.

Moving to the second half

Sorting, packing, tidying.
Clearing – and off you go.
It feels uncomfy.
           It creates space.
It feels relieving.
Ready for take-off:
Destination Second Half.

There are quite a few surprises waiting.